One Man Band

Rudy the one man Band

I have been a professional musician for over 25 years, playing in bush bands and dance bands as well as playing solo. I have played at Council Children’s Days and Festivals, Schools, Restaurants, Markets, Fetes, Retirement Homes, Kindergartens and many other venues. I represented Victoria at the Festival of Sydney after winning several “Battle of the Buskers” competitions and I have played at the Hobart Summer Festival.

You could put me on a stage or within a crowd of people of all ages and soon people enjoy listening or joining in with actions or sing along. Being in a Bush Band for about 20 years, a fair proportion of my material is colonial songs and dance numbers and I often demonstrate, call and play dances even when I am on my own.

As Rudy the One Man Band I normally carry a drum on my back with Macadamia, or Macca, the monkey beating the drum, Pistachio, or Archie, a baby gorilla playing the tambourine, Nutmeg the Monkey sitting on a swing under the drum, and finally Mr P Nut, an adult gorilla, sitting on top of the drum playing the cymbals. To complete the picture I wear a large umbrella over the top, a piano accordion over which I play a guitar, and finally a mandolin and fiddle are suspended on either side of the drum. You can see that the overall effect is quite colourful and appeals to a wide audience.

In addition to the above I also sing and I play the tin whistle, harmonica, banjo, zither, concertina, bongos and didgeridoo. My repertoire of over 200 numbers covers Children’s Songs, Colonial, Classical, and Blues.